Why CanMed?

About CanMed

CanMed, where quality is first and dedication to service second to none. Established in 1996, CanMed started as a manufacturing company engaged in production and distribution of CanMed Natural’s brand supplying mainly the Middle East and CIS countries. Since then, CanMed has expanded its relationship with numerous Canadian and US manufacturers and suppliers to provide the highest quality branded vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals and premium sport nutrition products. CanMed now proudly represents 14 different suppliers exclusively with more than 75 products registered and being marketed in territories we represent.


CanMed’s mission is to make partnerships with its suppliers helping them to increase their sales in hard to reach markets and to support its customers with new and innovative products to increase physical fitness and to promote preventive health.


Not only CanMed helps our suppliers with the requirements but we look after the legalization process as well.

Registration with Health authorities

This is a time consuming and costly process but not to our suppliers.


This is a headache in hard to each markets, but not for us! We excel at it!


We have few of our own supervised facilities, and more if needed. Never an issue!


Main production happens within our own group of locally certified facilities.


We utilize our own fully trained medical representatives.


We distribute to more than 8,000 pharmacies and local health food stores where permitted.