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Approval is obtained for six “QOL” products for local manufacturing in the country of Iran. The approval for 6 more products are expected before end of the 2020 year.

CanMed Signs a TURNKEY agreement with US based Olympian Laboratory (OL) for registration of at least 20 products during a 5 year term. The products will be manufactured exclusively under “OL” license and original brand name. CanMed makes a commitment to register 6 products during the first phase of this agreement.

Approval is obtained for Joint+, Fastjoint Care+ and Multivitamin Daily Glow for manufacturing in the country of Iran. These products are manufactured in US by Arnet Pharmaceutical Corp.

CanMed signs a comprehensive exclusivity agreement with Quality of Life company to register, manufacture and market initially 12 of their branded products in the country of Iran during the first phase of the agreement. The “QOL” products will be manufactured under their license and will be marketed under ORIGINAL brand name. QOL products are of the highest quality products backed by Human Clinical Research ingredients. CanMed intends to register most of “QOL” in three phases during five years.

CanMed signs a comprehensive agreement with SDC Nutrition for the registration, manufacturing and marketing of several brand name product lines in the Country of Iran. This agreement initially will involve registration of the “G6 Sports” Nutrition line of products.

Double Approval – Under license manufacturing approval is obtained for 7 “Nuforma Natural’s” branded products as well as 14 BASE Nutrition products under the brand name of “BASE” in the country of Iran.

Double Approval – for local manufacturing of Prime Chlorella tablets in the country of Iran as well as under license production of FlexEffect using Biovaflex Egg Shell Membrane.

Nutrition Formulators Inc., BASE Nutrition and CanMed sign a TURNKEY agreement for under license manufacturing of Nuforma Naturals as well as BASE branded Sports Nutrition in the country of Iran initially with expansion to selected countries in the Middle East from Iran’s manufacturing facility lowering the cost of acquisition.

Prime Chlorella based in Alberta, Canada and their manufacturing arm Vedan technologies in Taiwan choose CanMed to be their Exclusive Distributor in the country of Iran.

CanMed celebrates it’s 10 year business relationship with Bioriginal and extend their agreement to include several speciality products for production in the country of Iran including Cod Liver Oil Emulsion, and Tuna Fish (high DHA) Emulsion